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An Effortless & Simple post-installation script for Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Elementary, Debian and their derivatives.

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This script is built for one purpose only. Automating post installation tasks on a fresh Ubuntu/Debian installation.


Step 1: Get the script and verify its integrity

wget -O after-effects
wget -O sha256sums.txt
sha256sum -c sha256sums.txt --strict

Step 2: Update the config

Update the config file to suit your needs. Please see Configuration & Tasks for more details. Some example configs can be found here.

Step 3: Run it

Run the script as root.

chmod +x after-effects
sudo ./after-effects -c <your config.yml>

See in Action


Supported Distros

Ubuntu Kubuntu Lubuntu Xubuntu Ubuntu-Mate Ubuntu-Budgie Ubuntu-Studio Ubuntu-Gnome Linux-Mint Debian Elementary-OS

I have not tested the script on following distros. Because they use ubuntu as their base, It should work fine. But no promises.

Kde-Neon Pop-OS Bodhi-Linux Peppermint-OS


Please check Supported-Distros for complete list of supported distributions.


  • Adding Repositories (Limited set of curated repositories only)
  • Installing packages from system repositories
  • Installing statically linked binaries
  • Remove Preinstalled packages
  • Install PIP packages. (You should use virtualenv for your projects, ONLY install pip packages which are absolutely essential.)
  • Add PPAs (Ubuntu & Ubuntu derivatives only)
  • Debian (.deb) packages
  • Snap packages