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Logs are written to a file <current-dir>/logs/after-effects.log.

Debugging the script

You can chose from multiple debug modes.

  • --debug Only prints debug messages
  • --debug-trace Prints debug messages and apt/dpkg/snap/ppa logs. Please note that This can generate a lot of output.


Local testing

You can use ./tests/ --help to test the scripts locally. It uses docker to build and test the script in simulate mode inside containers. This script requires two arguments --distro and --release. They are used as parameters to build the Docker image from dockerfile in dockerfiles/ to test the script on Ubuntu 18.04 bionic, run it as ./tests/ --distro ubuntu --release bionic.


Docs are built using mkdocs. If you spot a mistake or a typo, you can submit a Pull request to fix it. You can test the docs locally with provided docker-compose file.

docker-compose up

and navigate to localhost:8000 to view the documentation.