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What if I get an error saying Unknown Distribution/Release?

That usually means you are running a Distribution which is not supported, too old or a derivative which is not recognized by the script. consider opening an issue on GitHub.

What if I get an error saying this release of Ubuntu is no longer supported?

[  Derivatives  ] Checking...
[      EOL      ] This version of Ubuntu is no longer supported. 
[      EOL      ] Ubuntu 19.04 reached EOL on January 23rd, 2020.
Exit code is 12

Well, thats pretty much self explanatory! Please use supported release of Ubuntu/Mint/Debian.


Ubuntu ESM versions are considered as EOL

Something not mentioned above


Well, that shouldn't have happened. Please open an issue on Github.


In extremely rare cases where your script exited while installing a package, which has unmet dependencies, you might see broken packages error. In that case, run sudo apt-get install -f to fix the broken packages and run the script again.

GitHub issues