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Exit Codes

Exit Codes Reason
1- 10 Script cannot run on the system
1 Dependencies are not met
2 Script not running as root
8 Remote get operation failed.
5 Failed to determine distribution. Is /etc/os-release file missing?
10-19 Not running with right configuration or internal flags
11 Unsupported architecture
12 End of Life release
14 No Internet connection
15 Conflicting apps are running
16 Distribution is not supported
17 Distribution is not yet supported. But will be in the future.
19 Internal Functions: Invalid arguments
20- 254 User configuration / Run-time errors
20 Purge function is called without -d flag
21 Failed to install dependencies
22 Invalid flag passed
23 Invalid argument position
24 Not Running the latest version
25 Incompatible arguments
26 Option is obsolete
28 Fetching remote file/config failed
31 Update checks failed
35 Not a valid config file type
36 file defined does not exist/not accessible
37 Configuration error. Expects Boolean but found something else.
38 Failed to delete a file
40 Failed to unset an array
51 GPG signature checks failed
52 SHA checksums did not match
53 List mode is no longer supported.
54 not running with autopilot when terminal is non interactive.
61 apt-get update failed with some warnings or errors
63 Undefined configuration
64 Required basefiles/directories are missing (Your installation of Ubuntu is broken)
67 Failed to map code_name to AE_OBS_PREFIX
255 Test Exit code